Energy Lessons & Games
 Energy Water Nexus Movie - w curriculum, 6 12 grades
 Solar Power Lesson Plan
 The Price of Recycling
 Recycling for Kids
 Activities with The Greens
 Air Awareness
 Energy Kids
 Classroom Composting Science Writing ES-MS
 Crossword Puzzle MS
 Vocabulary Words MS
 Ecological Footprints - Science MS
 ES Word Search
 MS Word Search
 Student Activities
 Staff Activities
 Solar Cooking
 Home Energy Audit
 Energy Facts for Teachers
 ES Energy Activities
 ES Energy Sources
 ES How Much Energy Do I Use?
 ES Lesson Why Is It Hotter
 ES Recycling Facts-Games-Crafts
 HS Conservation for the Ages
 HS Energy Efficient Homes
 HS Generate Your Own Hydropower
 HS How Big is Your Footprint?
 HS Issue of Renewable Energy
 HS The Issue Of Global Warming
 HS To Conserve or Not To Conserve
 MS Cost Effective Buying
 MS Cost Of Appliances
 MS Formation of Fossil
 MS Home Energy Audit
 MS Watt Does Cost
 Energy Source Sudoku

Albuquerque Public Schools District Energy Conservation Program - for more information, contact Ron Rioux at 765-5950 or rioux@aps.edu